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TLWI TypeScript #21

05 December 2021

fnts – Minimal Functional Programming Utilities for TypeScript & JavaScript • TEGA: TypeScript Embedded GameBoy Macro Assembler • I made a small library for handling async events in a type-safe fashion • React Tips & Tricks: Uploading a File With A Progress Bar • Number formatting in JavaScript

6 min read

TLWI TypeScript #20

28 November 2021

Kysely — A type-safe SQL query builder for typescript • tsafe: The missing TypeScript builtins • Algebraify -- Ergonomic and type-safe algebraic effects for typescript and javascript • [ReactJS] From Javascript to Typescript • Xplorer, a modern File Explorer that was written using TypeScript, has its performance improved on the recent release

6 min read

TLWI TypeScript #19

  • typescript announcements

21 November 2021

Announcing TypeScript 4.5 • Announcing TypeScript 4.5 • I created a website ( for viewing ECMAScript proposals, champions, and more. Built with React, TypeScript, and Next.js (x-post /r/javascript) • 'bulletproof-react' is a hidden treasure of React best practices! • Future Javascript: Javascript Pipeline Operators

5 min read

TLWI TypeScript #18

14 November 2021

GitHub - alangpierce/sucrase: Super-fast alternative to Babel for when you can target modern JS runtimes • Etsy’s Journey to TypeScript • React doesn't need state management tool, I said • Understanding Generics in TypeScript • How to Subscribe to and Receive Push Notifications from YouTube’s API using Typescript and Nodejs

6 min read

TLWI TypeScript #17

  • typescript announcements

07 November 2021

Announcing TypeScript 4.5 RC • Announcing TypeScript 4.5 RC • How To Do Anything in TypeScript With Type Guards • Free Next.js Portfolio Template • A Most Magic TicTacToe solution with React and TS

6 min read

TLWI TypeScript #16

  • typescript announcements

31 October 2021

Type | Treat – Wrap-up • Type | Treat – Day 5 • Type | Treat 2021 – Day 4 • Type | Treat 2021 – Day 3 • Type | Treat 2021 – Day 2 • Type | Treat 2021 – Day 1

6 min read

TLWI TypeScript #15

24 October 2021

@mgdigital/tsinject is a new dependency injection container for Typescript • Build an API using Node, Express, MongoDB, and Docker • React with Typescript • Lessons Learned from Building a React Component Library with TypeScript • The trick to making console.log play nice with complex objects

5 min read

TLWI TypeScript #14

17 October 2021

Gramma - interactive, multilingual command-line grammar checker for JS/TS projects - free and open-source (with optional Git integration) • Reconstructing TypeScript: blog series about TS-like type checker, with tips to better understand TS types • Aura Theme v2.0.0 is out now! 🥳 🎉 • API Project Template, Written in Typescript • GraphQL & REST with Typescript, Prisma and Azure SQL: love at first sight!

6 min read

TLWI TypeScript #13

10 October 2021

TwirpScript - A simple RPC framework for TypeScript • Pagination in Javascript and React, with a custom usePagination() hook • How I maintain large-scale dataset in react • How to detect images loaded in React • Converting a React component to TypeScript

6 min read

TLWI TypeScript #12

  • typescript announcements

03 October 2021

Announcing TypeScript 4.5 Beta, TypeScript 4.5 Beta!, construct-js: A library for creating byte level data structures, recently rewritten in TypeScript, How Opendoor improved app performance and code quality by upgrading React Navigation, How to implement Google Authentication in your React Applications!!

6 min read

TLWI TypeScript #11

26 September 2021

Domain-Driven Hexagon - DDD, architecture, best practices (NestJS example), I wrote a fully-functioning File Explorer, using TypeScript., How to use React useReducer hook like a pro, Making the most boring website ever with TypeScript, NestJs, React and others., Supercharge VS Code with 32 JavaScript Refactorings

5 min read

TLWI TypeScript #10

19 September 2021

Material-UI is now MUI, Introduction to typescript with React, 6 Ways to Host Your React JS App For Free, Projects Tutorials For Learning React.js, Creating a Data Store in Angular

5 min read